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With graphql-voyager you can visually explore your GraphQL API as an interactive graph. This is a great tool when designing or discussing your data model. It includes multiple example GraphQL schemas and also allows you to connect it to your own GraphQL endpoint. What are you waiting for, explore your API!
Mock your future API or extend the existing API with realistic data from faker.js. No coding required. All you need is to write GraphQL IDL. Don't worry, we will provide you with examples in our IDL editor.
Data manipulation for GraphQL queries with lodash syntax. GraphQL allows to ask for what you need and get exactly that. But what about the shape? GraphQL Lodash gives you the power of lodash right inside your GraphQL Query using @_ directive.
Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API specs in OpenAPI(fka Swagger) 2.0 format.
OpenAPI/Swagger-generated API Reference Documentation
A collective list of public GraphQL APIs. The repository also links unofficial API proxies.
Yeoman generator for OpenAPI/Swagger repo to help you share spec for your API

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We have extensive expertise in API tooling development, especially around GraphQL and OpenAPI/Swagger. You can hire us to customize any of our existing projects or to develop a new one.

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