As you probably know, we are absolutely in love with GitHub. We host 100% of our projects there and try to promote GitHub among our friends and customers. That's why we are happy that more and more developers choose to publish their API specifications on GitHub. In our quest to catch all pokemons specifications we've discovered that nearly one-third of specifications in our directory were found on GitHub!

Many big companies have followed this trend: SendGrid, Dropbox, Spotify. Even Microsoft has published Azure OpenAPI specificatoins on GitHub. Need we say more?

It's very easy to publish your specifications on GitHub and instantly get many benefits from this. But at some point, every API owner has to write scripts for: bundling, validation, deployment, etc.

That's why we got excited when Rebilly inc. contracted us to create GitHub repo for their OpenAPI spec. This opportunity allowed us to develop Yeoman generator for GitHub repository that has many exciting features for API owners. And that's how generator-openapi-repo was born.


With our generator, you need only 20 minutes to generate full featured API repository on GitHub.

generator screenshot

Instead of describing all the features we encourage you to try it out on your OpenAPI spec.

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