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Hello, readers! After a couple years we finally break the vow of silence :)

As you probably saw on our main page we are building directory of machine-readable API definitions or how we like to call it "Wikipedia for Web APIs".

You probably think:

I understand every individual word like Wikipedia, Web and even API but what the heck your are building and how it can be useful for me?

And you are not the only one! It's the most frequent question we hear. We improvise a lot so often we don't know the answer ourselves :). That's why we decided to start this blog: to share our vision and ideas.

What will this blog be about?

Beyond primary goal of explaining our vision behind APIs.guru there are couple more topics we plan to write on:

  • machine-readable specs and APIs in general;
  • some statistics: we have a few interesting numbers we'd like to share;
  • answer questions about APIs.guru, feel free to ask them in comments;
  • news and updates: there are a few exiting projects we plan to release in the next few months

Something to read right now

You can read our guest post at swagger.io and any of a few 3rd-party articles:

In addition, here is a great article to get a bigger picture: Tips to Improve the Discoverability of Your API.

Also, we have spoken at a couple of events and here are slides from the most recent one:


Our next post will be about a tool that we have been developing for last year. This will change the way you document your API. If you don't want to miss our next blog posts subscribe to our Twitter: as a bonus, you will see notifications for all new APIs added to our directory.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask them in comments.