We have just returned to Ukraine from our trip to the USA. The most exiting part was RestFest conference in Greenville, SC.

RestFest 2016

It was great opportunity to speak with API experts and also to do a few talks.

JSON Schema MegaWAT

Description: I work with JSON Schema almost every day, so I've already accepted all its strange quirks. But quite often (GitHub, forums, clients) I see the same mistakes and misunderstanding. I'd like to show all these quirks in the form of funny WAT talk. As a bonus, I'd like to discuss the alternative format I'm currently working on.

From API Directory to Semantic Web

Description: When it comes to SemanticWeb we see the forest for the trees by only associating it with academia-developed standards like RDF, OWL, etc. But today more and more companies are using API specifications(OpenAPI/Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint, ...) as they provide benefits on their own: API consoles, generating Docs & SDKs, testing. Can we use these API specification to build SemanticWeb? As the first step, I working on APIs.guru directory of OpenAPI spec and I want to share my vision how we can use it to build The Next Web.

Also we have presented live demo of how to use [generator-openapi-repo](LINK TO GENERATOR) to set up full-featured API portal on GitHub in less that 10 minutes (by @RomanGotsiy)

Besides API related things we unknowingly took part in David Gardner social experement:

Meet us on RestFest next year or maybe other API conferrence this year! You can always recognize us by APIs.guru T-Shirts and we always have one for you :)